Petroleum Instruments Co., Inc.

Petroleum Instruments Co., Inc. is an oilfield drilling instrumentation repair, rental and service company serving the drilling instrumentation needs of the oilfield industry since 1978. Along with our two divisions, A-1 Sure Shot and Wedco Sales and Service, our knowledgeable and experienced sales and service staff are able to provide quality service to our customers 24 hours a day.

  • Gauges & Accessories Oilfield Supply Gauges Mud Gauges
  • Air Control & Versa Valves
  • Assorted Equipment
  • Automatic Driller
  • Drilling Rig Consoles Drilling Rig Consoles
  • Fittings
  • Mud Gauges Mud Gauges
  • Sure Shot & Assorted Clocks
  • Weight Indicators Oilfield Supply Weight Indicators

Half of our staff has in excess of 30 years each of experience in the oilfield industry. The others have all been here long enough to experience the recent boom and slowdown. We are all dedicated to serving the oilfield instrumentation needs of our customers with the best possible service. Oilfield Supplies

We strive for excellence by maintaining the highest of standards and our commitment to our customers’ complete satisfaction.